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Garage Door Cables

Broken cable? Call us to replace it. We replace and fix garage door cables in Cambridge, Ontario. Get in touch with our technicians if your door is jammed or doesn’t close right due to cable issues. Are your cables loose or pretty damaged? Our pros respond as soon as they can when cable problems are involved. Connected with the springs and attached to the bottom fixture, cables are really tensed and can cause accidents. At Garage Door Repair Cambridge, we have experience in cable services and are prepared to assist local clients very fast.Garage Door Cables Cambridge

  • Need garage door cables repair? Our techs are ready to assist you promptly with any cable issue. If cables are not properly wrapped around their drum, the door won’t move right. And that’s because cables work with springs to elevate and lower the door. If your garage door cables came off the drum, the door might sag to one side or fail to open. For such reasons we provide quick service. Cable problems might cause security or even safety issues at your garage. Our pros arrive at your home fully equipped and take care of the cable.
  • Garage door broken cable? When cables break, there is no other solution than their replacement. And you can rest assured that the service will take place in a timely manner. We bring several cables with us and use the right size one to match the requirements of your door. Our techs are installing garage door cables with great caution since they must connect them to the spring. Should it is required, we make adjustments and level the door to make sure it moves right and closes well.

We offer fast cable services in Cambridge and won’t let you wait should your cable is broken. Call us if the cable is frayed or off the drum. Contact us if your Cambridge garage door cables have snapped and must be replaced. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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