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Garage Door Maintenance Service

One of the most basic steps during a regular maintenance service is garage door inspection. It gives us – as repair specialists in Cambridge, Ontario – an idea of the overall condition of the client’s door and what needs to be done. But every step following the inspection is also crucial. The quality of the lubricants we use and the attention we give to the tracks, cables, hinges, springs, weather seals, and definitely the opener are both important. The ultimate goal of our Cambridge garage door maintenance is to fix any problem with the door to keep it functional for a long time. By doing so, your door is also safe and capable of covering your security needs too.Garage Door Maintenance Cambridge

The staff in our Garage Door Repair in Cambridge is well organized and experienced. Both of these qualities are essential to the outcome of our service. It implies that our pros come well equipped and prepared to service any type of door and branded opener. We follow a standard checklist so that we won’t leave anything without scrutinizing its condition and never overlook even tiny issues. In case the door won’t open entirely or come all the way on the floor, we utilize our garage door troubleshooting expertise to find what’s wrong with it and so fix it efficiently.

Main points we check during garage door maintenance

  • The balance of the door is very important. So we check the springs and cables and make sure the travel limit settings are alright. If there is a problem, we do the required garage door adjustment.
  • We check the reverse system and based on our findings we might have to align the sensors.
  • We also adjust the chain and check thoroughly every part of the opener, including the clicker.
  • To eliminate noise and any possibility of parts falling out of alignment, we tighten all fasteners and lubricate as well as fix garage door

Trust us to maintain your door. With regularly maintenance lubrication, its movement will be smooth. With our thorough inspection and service, the door will last longer and remain strong and safe. Interested in garage door maintenance in Cambridge? Speak with our team today.

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